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Services Offered

  • Global Product and Quality Process Certifications
  • CE and UK Certification From Start To Finish
  • UL & CSA Guidance and Direction and Providing Certification
  • Product used in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Consulting & Certification
  • Declaration of Conformity Development
  • Declaration of Incorporation Development
  • Technical Documentation File Development
  • EMC & Product Safety Certification
  • Strategic Planning for Business Growth
  • ISO 9001 QA System Set up
  • ISO 9001 Auditing – Internal & External
  • ISO 9001 System Certification
  • ISO 17025 QA System Set up
  • ISO 17025 Auditing – Internal & External
  • ISO 17025 System Certification
  • IEC 80079-34  QAN/QAR/EX/QA Training, System Setup and Auditing using ATEX, IECEx and UKCA Ex Audit Documents
  • IEC 80079-34 Guidance and how to avoid pitfalls
  • RoHS and WEEE Training and Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Training, System Setup and Auditing
  • and more…
Call us. You will be glad you did.  704-784-1426 or 704-960-6628 or 980-234-1291

List of Services and Descriptions

1. Regulatory Mark Guidance, Certification and Follow-through – CE, CSA, UL, ETL and more…

  • Product Design and Market review to determine the requirements and the best route to compliance without over product certification.
  • Assist in developing a product family and product family representative so that instead of testing all the units/devices recommend one unit to represent the majority resulting in a test savings.
  • Get the best service for your dollar. There are about 17 labs in the USA who are authorized to issue OSHA approved markings.
  • Complete program management from the start through final compliance.
  • Represent your company as the remote QA or Engineering Lead during the Initial Factory Inspections and Follow up inspections that will normally happen on a quarterly basis.

2. We are experts in the areas of Explosive Atmosphere Guidance and certification of QA Systems and Product development:

  • Product used in Potentially Explosive Atmosphere Product and Process certifications can be complex and the internet can make you frightened and with lacking the experience for explosive atmospheres certification you can make wrong and costly choices hindering your time to market.  Let us help you.
  • Develop your Quality Manufacturing systems requirements to meet IEC 80079-34 Potentially explosive atmospheres – Application of quality systems.  Again – let us take you through this process from training to certification.
  • Perform a GAP analysis to determine where you stand with respect to an Ex type QA system.
  • Have DeVore Technologies International Participate in the QA EX System Certification Audit

3. DTI Provides Training in a wide variety of Compliance Testing & Regulatory Process

  • DTI provides training in the areas of ISO 17025, ISO 9001, IEC 80079-34, CE testing, Risk Analysis, Explosive Atmosphere Certification and the regulatory process.
  • How to establish a QA system that is effective in both costs and application. Don’t over design the system and make sure it fits with the technical side of your business.
  • What are CE and the process to obtain product certification? It is confusing unless you lay this out with an experienced Team guiding and directing the minimum requirements to meet the requirements.
  • We can teach you how to perform a Risk Analysis to meet the Machinery Directive for the EU under the CE requirements
  • What is the process for certification of products under the Explosive Atmosphere Directive? You will find that this process is at best clumsy unless developed with an experienced Team such as DTI. Knowledge is king. You can go through this process knowing how to approach and what questions to ask so the end result is as pristine as possible.

4. Internal Auditing, GAP Analysis and more…

  • QA/QC, Regulatory Authority, Internal Auditing, GAP Analysis and more.
  • You do not need to hire a full time Associate for these concerns. We will assist, be on site as necessary and help make this process as smooth as can be.

You have my personal commitment and promise that DTI will make things happen for you.  You are in the best hands every step of the way.
Ken DeVore